17 April 2020

Quantum Technologies and Services (IEEE Distinguished Industrial Lecture at Politecnico di Torino)

Today, we are witnessing a progressive diffusion of ultra-broadband fixed-mobile connectivity, the deployment of network and service platforms based on Cloud and Edge Computing, the booming of Artificial Intelligence … all of this for providing any sort of digital services for our daily life. It‘s the Digital Transformation of the Society.
It looks like we are embedding a sort of “nervous system” into the reality: wide adoption of mobile terminals-devices and the Internet of Things is allowing to collect enormous big data sets, which are transmitted by ultra-broadband, low latency network connections (e.g., 5G) to Cloud and Edge Computing Data Centers (DCs). These DCs, in turn, will store and elaborate the collected data in order to infer decisions which then will be exploited, locally, by actuators. It’s the feedback loop of any autonomic/nervous system.
There are big challenges in the future for granting sustainability: transmission and processing of enormous quantity of data in (almost) real time (to close the loops), the lowering of energy consumption, taming the “complexity”, increasing resilience, security.  But, Electronics starts facing physically fundamental bottlenecks.
Today, there is a growing interests - and several investments from Industries worldwide - about Quantum Technologies, and their potential exploitations for meeting the requirements of the future Internet.

12 March 2020

Quantum Communications in Future Networks and Services

Over the last few years, we have witnessed an impressive growth of data traffic and a progressive Digital Transformation of Industry and Society: the deployment of the ultra-broadband and low latency network infrastructures (e.g., 5G) are leading to a global digitalization of several domains. 

These techno-economic trends are expected to continue and even accelerate in the next decade, at end of which, 6G and smart networks and services will be exploited. Innovation will continue to drive the global economy into the next decade. 

This paper draws some technology trends and applications scenarios for this horizon, where Quantum Optical Communications are likely to disrupt Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Telecommunications. Among the enabling technologies and solutions moving in this direction, this paper briefly addresses: quantum optical switching and computing, THz-to-optical conversions and advanced metamaterials for smart radio-optical programmable environments and Artificial Intelligence. 

The paper concludes with the description of a future application scenario, called Quantum Optical Twin, where the above Quantum Optical Communications technologies are exploited to provide services such as: ultra-massive scale communications for connected spaces and ambient intelligence, holographic telepresence, tactile Internet, new paradigms of brain computer interactions, innovative forms of communications. 

Download the paper PDF version at this link: https://www.mdpi.com/2624-960X/2/1/14/pdf