29 June 2016

Will A.I. operate future Internet ? Let's train it !

If today "software is eating the world", quoting Marc Andressen, tomorrow A.I. will bring to the end of code. See what it argued here

Well, even today we are going to have more and more smart terminals, wearable, machines capable of translating our actions, thoughts, words and maybe even emotions into enormous sets of big data.
Then these data are are filtered, processed to detect patterns, to infer actions (i.e., making the data “actionable”). It's the Digital Society and Economy.

As a matter of fact, this coupling of TLC (fixed-mobile low latency connectivity) and IT (processing and storage) are already pervasively exploiting (through sensors and actuators) “cognition loops” nested into the reality, These “cognition loops” are used to optimise any process or activity, engaging even humans in the loop ! I've argued that several times: it's a sort of artificial "nervous system" for the Digital Society and Economy. 

Advances on machine learning are impressive! The enormous processing power available at low costs and the more and more advanced A.I. techniques being developed, will allow us moving deeper inside "softwarization": I won't be that surprised if sooner that we expect programmers won’t code anymore!

Eventually, humans will set-up and train deep neural networks, hyper-connected and executed on highly distributed execution environment. Indeed this is mimicking a multilayered connections of neurons, just like a nervous system, in charge of "automated" operations. See my last posts.

Understanding better and better SDN, we are now starting talking about A.I. Defined Networks.

This is the essence of my talk today at EuCNC2016, in Athens.