10 April 2016

Where is the value moving ?

In the coming age of "Commoditization" of hardware, when "Software will eat the world", where is the value moving ? 

My guess is towards"Applied Mathematics" and "Artificial Intelligence", at least in the medium term.

In fact, the value of the so-called "Platform Economy" doesn't stay in the hardware, neither in the software per se, but in the "computational intelligence", i.e., in the algorithms, the heuristics, in other words, in all those methods of the Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence capable of implementing sharing functions, optimisations capabilities, learning and, in general, all those features making said platforms services appealing for the market.

Then, in view of the "Softwarization" of Telecommunications, the next question might be: in this rush towards 5G, what are the techno-economic models/approaches "good enough" to make Telecommunications and ICT businesses sustainable ?

As a matter of fact, ecosystems are changing radically, the value is moving up, and new form of business are going to emerge, more and more driven by "Applied Mathematics" and "Artificial Intelligence".

The so-called "Over the Top" are already there, but not on the "Top" as believed! They are at the very Edge, i.e., in the Terminals and Users' Equipment (whoever will be the Users, even machines).