03 February 2016

If the Central Offices will become Data Centers...

​This link is announcing that the Open Compute Project (OCP) is creating a new Telco Project focused on Data Centers technologies for telecommunications companies. Not a surprise.

Announcement reports also the words of two Telco Operators, giving evidence of a clear trend:

AT&T will virtualize 75% of its network functions by 2020, and to do that, we need to move to a model of sophisticated software running on commodity hardware,” said Andre Fuetsch, Senior Vice President of Architecture and Design at AT&T. “We’re becoming a software and networking company. As a result, our central offices are going to look a lot more like data centers as we evolve our networking infrastructure.

In fact, CORD vision and approach goes in this direction...

“With the Cloudification of our network functions and the related change in our production models, the Telco industry is going through a massive transformation. Efficiency in our datacenters becomes critical for success - we fully support the open industry approach within OCP,” said Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, CTO, Deutsche Telekom AG.

Interesting also noticing the increasing investments (see this) of OTTs and other Tech. Industries in deploying new highly efficient Data Centers.

It is likely that Data Centers (for the Cloud but also for the Edge Computing) will be the future "battlefield" ! Efficiency - but also Creativity - will make the difference: this will mean automated real time management-control, cross-layer orchestration systems...but also optimization mathematics and A.I. methods.