30 January 2016

Survey on techno-economic impacts of SDN, NFV and DevOps on Telecommunications and ICT

Techno-economic drivers are radically changing Telecommunications and ICT scenarios. Telco Operators are adopting different strategies (e.g., bi-modal, inertial, etc) to pursue a digital business transformation. 

Key technological directions seems concerning the architectural delayering and simplifications and the optimization of the operational processes (e.g., through orchestrators and new paradigms of OSS/BSS capable of managing the complexity and heterogeneity of SDN and NFV infrastructures). 

If mastering the software is often recognized a must for a successful digital business transformation, nevertheless, standardization of open source software solutions and interfaces is still felt to be an hot issues. Importantly, most Telco Operators argue that the ongoing digital business transformation implies a radical cultural change and adaptation: workforce needs to be completely retrained in this new environment, and new skills have to be developed.

Eventually it is likely that SDN and NFV are lowering the thresholds for new Players to enter in the Telecommunications and ICT ecosystems. As a further consequence, Telcos Operators’ strategies will be more and more influenced by the dynamics of new Competitors (even Start-ups) entering their business segments, the analogous transformation of the Technology Providers, as well as the regulation rules. And Telco Cloudification seems opening new perspectives of convergence of OTTs and SD-Operators. 

Scope of this survey is to collect opinions by collecting answers to a few relevant questions (it takes 10 minutes). Once we'll get a meaningful statistics of how this transformation is perceived by the technical community, we'll produce a paper. Just join us and look at the paper.