17 January 2016

It's a matter of "Complexity"...

We are already living in an hyper-connected age.

In the future we'll see more and more Telecommunications and ICT "disappearing" into the reality, bringing to a "complex" interplay between all socio-economic variables. Network Science will have a key role in contributing to the challenge of rewriting the equation of Internet, and in turn of the Digital Society and Economy.

And "algorithms" will literally shape our world. Have a look at this nice talk: 

Look at the technology advances: today, for example, they are already demonstrating that it will be possible "decomposing" future 5G infrastructures into "atomic" abstractions which can be dynamically allocated in the Cloud, Edge and even Fog Computing-Storage capabilities.

It's about "blurring" borders, and looking at the services from an end-to-end perspective: just imagine a highly distributed execution environment, based on an ultra-low latency fabric of connectivity bridging the "containers", logical resources where the software component (pieces of the service) are run. 

This will mean an impressive flexibility, but also a very challenging "complexity" in management/control/orchestration of 5G resources and services: for the first time we're realizing that complexity rather than bandwidth will be the most challenging barrier to 5G developments.