27 December 2015

Artificially Intelligent Internet

At the “SDN & IOT Industry Session” of the World Forum - IoT 2015 (Milan, 13th Dec. 2015) I’ve argued that the deployment of SDN-NFV paradigms - at the edge of current infrastructures - will become a powerful enabler for IoT platforms: in other words the distinction between Edge SDN and IoT is going to disappear, with a “fusion” of the ICT enabling technologies.

Today I’m arguing that another border is going to blur: the one between ICT and A.I., bringing to the emergence of the Artificially Intelligent Internet. There are several evidences around…

Have a look at this report which is arguing that A.I. interfaces will replace smart-phones in five years. Machines are starting learning as humans, also they are teaching them to see and they have even developed a way for AI machines to learn from the crowd. Google working on how converting language into a problem of vector space mathematics. Next, it will be bringing “intelligence” into an Operating Systems to empower devices with the capacity for logic and natural conversation.

In summary, equation of future Internet will be based on a borderless “fusion” of technologies.

A.I. interfaces will be the next terminals for human and non-human Users. Mathematics will be the language, coded in terms of software services and functions; IT processing will run said functions and services in order to make decisions and service actions, IT storage systems will store encoded/actionable information and, eventually, the Big Network will be create a web of relationships between producers and consumers of services…by hooking billions of processes with ultra-low latency connections.Telecommunications, ICT and A.I. will "merge" together.

Artificially Intelligent Internet will embed a continuum of “networked cognition loops” into the reality. This will create the conditions for a new economy.