19 November 2015

Innovation by Contamination

There is no doubt that Softwarization of Telecommunications will bring a radical business tranformation along a number of Industries, not only in Telecommunications and ICT.

Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) will accelerate the process towards converged infrastructures (see my last post), spanning from the smart things, terminals, through the network, to the Data Centres (not only centralised, by also at the edge).

Resource virtualization, APIs and agile operational processes (including multi-level orchestrations) will constitute the „fil rouge“ of these converged infrastructures, which will be software-driven. All agree on that. So let’s make it happen, jointly, in a Blue Ocean ! 

We realise that convergence on common reference architectures and Open Source software standard solutions are highly important for enabling a successful deployment of said converged infrastructures.

Question is: how overcoming today fragmentation in this key transition ? There is still a tendency in working in closed „silos“, postponing the change, struggling in competition issues: but all of this is jeopardising the presence of mind to face this change, which will come anyway, and soon.
And it will be also (or above all) a change of culture.   

My take is that we need making „Innovation by Contamination“.
This means "energy and courage" to change, crowd-funding/ideas initiatives, open source communities, bottom-up integration of test-beds and field-trails, prototyping and standard certification of open source SW solutions to be exploited in "sandboxes".

"Contamination" is sometimes used to describe a smooth and continuous transfers of “organisms” from one natural ecosystem to another one: in our case, it will be the propagation of the new “culture of this digital business transformation” even to those ecosystems which are still not realizing the importance of this “dip” into the Blue Ocean.

Join „Innovation by Contamination“