15 November 2015

A Global Consciousness for Security

Topic of the last post was the feasibility of an Internet of conscious machines.
Consciousness of machines has - obviously - nothing to do with humans consciousness, but it shares the same functioning principle: integrating encoded information collected from the world, predicting events and then inferring decisions.   
Today A.I. is already being used by some Providers for anticipatory shipping practices, to identify services and items Users may want to buy before they even begin to search. This is a form of consciousness, where multiple sources of information are integrated to predict events.
Tomorrow hopefully conscious machines may help us in defending our personal security.
Simply consider as an example intelligent video analytics: already today, A.I. methods and systems can analyze video in real-time and detect abnormal activities that could pose a threat to security. 
Imagine extending these capabilities along multiple sources of data, then integrating all encoded information and eventually sharing the inferred knowledge on a global planetary scale...
In a certain sense, it's ICT developing the Teilhard's idea of a Noosphere, i.e., a layer of intelligence enveloping the earth.
I've been always fascinated by activities of the Global Consciousness Project: have a look at its link
Just replace the "eggs" with conscious-like machines...