10 October 2015

Growing Softwarization in Sandboxes…

Disruptive innovation is unlikely to be welcome by everybody, since it changes the rules of the game, it requires new processes, it often displaces a number of established Players, it reduces the threshold for New Comers to enter, eventually changing the value chain.

So, disruptive innovation always implies a deep change of culture, requiring adaptation. This is the case for the disruptive wave of innovation being brought by Softwarization: it’s not another network layer, or an overlay, it’s a radical change in exploiting and operating Telecommunications and ICT.

In my personal opinion, disruptive innovations, or better transformations like this one, are likely to be effective managed only if grown in “sandboxes”. It makes little to no sense “disrupting” a legacy infrastructure with Softwarization: it’s not effective. It’s not about making an “overlay” for a simple reason: the processes.

There will be always another Player moving faster exploiting such innovation with a simpler and lower cost infrastructure, with lighter and faster processes. The rules of the competition will be changed by Softwarization, that’s clear.

The real disruption is not about decoupling hardware from software or virtualizing functions: it’s about the processes and, as such, about the collective culture of the Industries. Faster and automated processes should be capable to handle in real-time millions of software transactions, even made by non-human Users.

Obviously, “sandboxes” will have to coexist with legacy for some time, up to when markets decide them to be spreading like wildfire. How ? See proposals in my next posts.

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