08 October 2015

Big Data? Yes, please but “Actionable”

Data acquire value not only if they are big, but also if they are “actionable”.

Actionable means ready for being used for optimizing processes, whatever processes they are.

It’s not a matter of data quantity, but rather quality, accuracy, persistency…and other characteristics making them “actionable”, which means making them valid and representative for a particular context or situation and as such adequate input for making a decision.

Actionable data are food for “cognition”, i.e., A.I., analytics methods, algorithms, heuristics…those Industrial Mathematics instruments (implemented in software) necessary for inferring decisions (using the enormous IT power now available at low costs).Then these decisions will be used actuating actions which, in turn, are aiming at optimizing of processes, for example.

As a matter of fact, Real Time Operations of SDN-NFV future infrastructure will strongly rely on actionable data in order to automate and optimize the Operations processes. Again this is like closing cognition loops, implemented with software, starting by actionable data. This is for DevOps as well.

So I'd like quoting here Marc Andreessen “Software is eating the World” once more! And it's evident more and more evident that the software is the new "tool" of the Digital Homo Sapiens...

...that's why, yesterday, when concluding my talk at EIT Digital event “Towards a data-driven economy” (@EU Pavilion EXPO2015) I argued that with Actionable Data, Cognition will eat the World !