16 August 2015

Cambrian moment for ICT and Telecommunications

This is a very interesting special report of The Economist. In summary, it is argued that "Softwarization" is creating the conditions for an "explosion" of Digital Start-ups and new ICT ecosystems, changing dramatically tomorrow Industry and Society. And maybe also the government.

The metaphor is brilliant: Cambrian explosion was the relatively short evolutionary event, beginning around 542 million years ago, during which most major animal phyla appeared on the Earth, creating an enormous number of new ecosystems.

In the report it is argued that software is eating more and more industries: IT is in fact lowering transaction costs. Industries will have to reshape themselves and turn into ecosystems that rely on large horizontal platforms at one end, and a wide variety of modes of production at the other, from start-ups to social enterprises and communities to user-generated content.

Report concludes arguing that: "All in all, the impact of platformisation will be monumental. Those who see the current entrepreneurial explosion as merely another dotcom bubble should think again. Today’s digital primordial soup contains the makings of the economy and perhaps even the government of tomorrow".