19 August 2015

A Vision of the Future: beyond Robots, ICT and SD - Quantum Communications...

Acceleration of Information Technology will bring to a socio-economic transition which will be very different from the past ones. Why ? It's because of its systemic impact: it never happened like that.

In the past even very disruptive innovations have had a relatively focussed impact, sector-by-sector: mechanization of agriculture, industry automation...for considering the most recent ones. Today's transition is quite different, it's much broader, spanning across several (if not all) sectors of our society and economy.

In principle, any job that can be broken down in series of routine tasks is susceptible of being digitalised, automated and done by any sort of robot (or cognitive machine) replacing humans. And maybe it's even more than that: think about IBM's Watson taking the Jeopardy!Challenge.

Generally speaking, this is avenue of "cognitization" is complementing and then replacing human brain: by the way this is not pursuing the original dream of emulating/re-building a human-like brain or nervous system. Human mind works another way. Ecosystems in Nature as well. A totally different story as it implies completely different technologies and approaches, dealing with Complexity (in the large) and probably the weirdness of Quantum Physics.

So what is left to humans tomorrow ? All those tasks and job which are not (yet) susceptible to digitalization, or softwarization. But isn't this like saying let's start creating, as humans, a new society and economy and let's leave the current digital society and economy to robots and cognitive machines! They will work for us, while, as humans, we'll create a new world which  machines cannot create and rule. The question is: can we make this sustainable ? The Digital Society investing in creating a future Quantum Society.

My bet is that investing in this new quantum world will be quite advisable. It will exploit the Quantum Mechanics basic principles. These technologies, capable of manipulating bosons (photons, bio-photons, etc), will be very much nearer Nature behaviour than today's ones, paving the way to us to learn looking better inwards and outwards. By the middle of the next decade the Moore’s law will no longer be sustained by silicon. Electronics will be surpassed by Photonics. So, we should make research how taming the weirdness of Quantum Physics for a new technology, developing a future economy. Or the alternative is to colonise the space (as argued by S. Hawking).

In the meanwhile, we're witnessing a growing attention on Quantum Computing, Quantum A.I. and Quantum Communications. Have a look at this paper on SD-Quantum Communications...but still far away from truly Quantum Mechanics future technologies.

Quoting R. Feynman  there is plenty of room in the Quantum Mechanics, rather we need Engineers populating it with new technologies.