21 May 2015

Cognitization is Upon Us!

I believe that in the future deep inside in the Softwarization of Telecommunications there will be more and more the so-called “Cognition”, which will be (at least) about using cognitive methods, heuristics and algorithms, machine learning, knowledge representation-reasoning and, eventually, massively parallel computation to crunch, and make use of the Big Data, collected and transferred by the future Telecommunications infrastructures.

This is what I’ve argued (see slide 16) in my last keynote at ONDM2015.

We’ll be able to sense and collect massive data (e.g., by pervasive sensors, smart terminals, things, machines, robots); these big sets of data will be exchanged and moved very quickly (transported by optical and mobile networks with high bandwidth and low latency); these big sets of data will be also elaborated (with Cloud/Edge and Fog Computing) in order to make decisions and then actuating local actions (by any pervasive actuators embedded into the reality around us).

Indeed all of this looks like an overall “cognition loop” exploited by future Telecommunications infrastructures. By the way, this loop is well-known in the context of Brain–Computer Interface Technologies: so just take the approach and imagine of expanding it to a Network !

Software architectures and software coding will be the concrete instruments to implement this “Cognitization” of Telecommunications, so cognition is the very core of Softwarization, where the "value" is moving. 

This will have several impactful applications for automation and robotics, as nicely reported here