04 April 2015

NetSoft 2015: 1st IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization

The vision of the IEEE SDN Initiative is that Software-Defined Network, Network Functions Virtualization, Edge and Fog Computing are just different facets of an overall systemic transformation, the so-called Softwarization, which is going to impact Telecommunications and ICT ecosystems.
Softwarization is not just about Telecom networks. It’s about the evolution of the Cloud Computing towards the Edge and the Fog Computing and it’s about terminals, smart things, machines, robots…
Not only. It’s about plenty of industrial ecosystems. It’s a systemic innovative transformation.
NetSoft 2015 is the 1st IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization, the flagship Conference of the IEEE SDN Initiative.  NetSoft Conference will be in London, hosted by UCL, on April 13th to 17th, 2015, and it will be a venue where discussing new innovative ways towards the future of ICT and Telecommunications.
We’ll be discussing the main impact of Softwarization on Telecom networks: for example that (sooner than expected) all network functions and services will be virtualized, dynamically allocated and executed as “applications” onto a hosting physical infrastructure, which will be fully decoupled, from above software platforms.
This is the dramatic end of the age of silos, a Red Ocean today. The value is moving from the hardware to the software, specifically to horizontal platforms. And beyond the software towards the cognition, the next big deal.
Softwarization is likely to be a disruptive point of discontinuity as it will pave the way towards the Digital Society and the Digital Economy, changing the old rules of the game and creating a new Industrial revolution. SDN and NFV are old concepts today exploitable and sustainable. An opportunity and a risk: in fact not all Industries are ready to embrace this change of paradigm and business models.
Digital Economy is moving into the Blue Ocean.
Simple enough, ICT is progressing at an impressive rate and its costs are declining. This is creating the sustainable conditions for the “software eating the world”, as Mark Andressen predicted. Softwarization of plenty of Industries and ecosystems will be an unstoppable trend, because of its costs reductions and the new business opportunities it will bring to all.
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