27 January 2015

Softwarization: Red and Blue Strategies

Softwarization will bring risks and opportunities for Telecom Operators and Technology Providers Just imagine two scenarios:

Scenario Red: gradual evolution (continuity)
This is about pursuing a gradual evolution of SDN-NFV onto the legacy Telco infrastructures: e.g., starting from virtualizing some functionality. Main challenges will interoperability of SDN-NFV with legacy systems, need of standardized interfaces (a long way) and above all need of updating, enhancing of the legacy operational processes, e.g. OSS/BSS, to cope with SDN-NFV (quite challenging and complicated).

Scenario Blue: disruption (point of discontinuity)
Some Players (even unexpectedly new) will exploit full potential of “softwarization” much faster than the gradual evolution of legacy Telecom infrastructure (scenario Red), so that they will jumps ahead in the markets, as fully Virtual Operators. Markets will decide the “Standard de facto”. As Virtual Operators they will adopt faster operational processes (IT-style) dramatically shortening the time-to-market a la OTT.

What will be the impact on current ecosystems and value chains ?