12 August 2014

SDN market estimations

There are a number of estimations of the potential dimensions of the business market of SDN, depending on the metrics adopted by the Analysts. One, for example, is forecasting a $3.52 billion market by 2018, according to Transparency Market Research. Another one is guessing $2.45 billion market by 2018, according to GigaOM Research. So, comparing at least these two reports, we may say a range between $3.5 and $2.4 billion. I've just mentioned two examples, but there are other reports around, obviously.

No need to say that these estimations depend (also) on a number of variables, concerning the introduction scenarios (e.g., Data Center, Core vs Edge vs Home Networks, etc), the adoption rate, the associated business sustainability of such SDN exploitations, and even the regulation aspects. And maybe other important aspects as well.

Nevertheless, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, SDN should be seen as “network IT-zation”, rather than simply the evolution of networking. This will change the perspective.

We should consider – more broadly - that the network IT-zation is likely to intercept also other trajectories, such as the evolution of the Cloud-Fog Computing and the Internet of Things, enabling new markets for other Industries. Consider, in fact, the number of devices connected to the Telco network is growing at an exponential rate. In a few years the network will become a sort of distributed computational system seamlessly interconnecting a tremendous number of terminals, devices, smart things… robots, drones.

And this could pave the way to scenarios well described in the book the “Second Machine Age”, for which it’s difficult, if not impossible, predicting the business global market today. What is sure, is that this is going to produce a deep impact from a socio-economic perspective, and not only in the Telco Industries.

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