14 August 2014

"After Dark" ... The Digital Society

A few days ago I wrote a post about how SDN could meet Cloud Robotics (and other technological domains), arguing that potential promising opportunities are likely to happen around these intersections.

In these days, you might have heard (or see) about the project, called “After Dark”, developed using space exploration technologies. Initiative is about Tate Britain inviting art fans to a night to visit the museum — though robots.
People from around the world can get an after-hours tour on-line thanks to four roaming robots equipped with cameras and sensors and designed to let them move around the Museum rooms.
This is a perfect use case (about cultural heritage) where a robot  can be seen as a particular “Software Defined” – terminal (or an edge node), capable of providing services, being attached to the network (which is also controlling it). This use case is showing several of the challenges under the spot today for future networks: Big Data, 5G, Cognition-as-a-Service… and Users’ involvements, steering new services with their requests. 
Robots roaming an environment, or even actuating actions, are like advanced terminals collecting data (through cameras, sensors…), sending them to a Cloud; a low-latency network is providing robots’ remote control and Users’ access to said services; eventually "cognition" is ensuring the required “intelligence”, leaving this room to competitive "creativity".
A number of similar use cases can be invented and deployed for the Digital Economy and Society !