25 July 2014

Software-Defined Infrastructures for Networks, Clouds and Services

NetSoft 2015 will be the first of a series of annual flagship events organised by IEEE Initiative on Software-Defined Networks (SDN) set-up of the IEEE Future Directions Committee to build an world wide community in this area across multiple IEEE societies and councils (http://sdn.ieee.org/about.html). 

What's the main scope of the Conference ? SDN and Virtualization (e.g.  Network Function Virtualization - NFV) could be seen as different expressions (Cloud Computing as well) of an overall "transformation trend", which is deeply impacting and Telecom and IT industries, also in terms of business models and regulation rules. We are already witnessing that this ”softwarization" trend is transforming several other Industries, bringing to optimization processes (and costs) and new values in infrastructures (e.g., 5G). SDN and NFV are creating the conditions to reinvent network and service architectures, to accelerate innovation and to create new business opportunities.

Accordingly, the main theme of NetSoft 2015 is “Software-Defined Infrastructures for Networks, Clouds and Services”. NetSoft is intended to serve as the flagship IEEE forum for technical exchange on software-defined infrastructures and services. NetSoft 2015 aims at providing an excellent forum for the latest innovations, results, and developments in the overall transformation trend, seen also from the business and regulation viewpoints, which is deeply impacting Telecom and IT industries.

The conference will be held on April 13-17, 2015 in London, UK.
The NetSoft 2015 website can be found at: http://sites.ieee.org/netsoft/

Please join us by clicking on the button "Join the  SDN Technical Community" at the link  http://sdn.ieee.org/!