23 June 2014

SDN and Virtualization for 5G

Tomorrow I'm making the Welcome Address to open the Conference Eu-CNC2014, the European Conference of Networks and Communications (Bologna). The focus of Eu-CNC’2014 , this year, is the 5G: the future ubiquitous, ultra-high bandwidth infrastructure. SDN and virtualization issues will be under the spot during a number of sessions.

In the Welcome Address I'm argueing that 5G will become the “Nervous System” of the Digital Society and Economy, contributing to a growth more inclusive and sustainable, also by helping to face, systemically, the Grand Challenges of the Planet, like energy, food, water, environment, education...

5G will be an ultra-high bandwidth infrastructure capable of integrating, pervasively, communication, storage and processing capabilities to provide new ICT services with new paradigms. But 5G will be also new business models, regulations rules and a deep societal adoption. With 5G ICT will enter the DNA of Society!
In fact, what we're witnessing today is that IT is boosting Cloud and Network innovation (and integration), and this, also through Open Source approaches (hardware and software), will impact deeply the ICT ecosystems emerging around 5G.
Threshold for new Players to enter the ICT market will decrease tremendously  (competition is moving towards the software), thus creating new ecosystems and new forms of cooperation and competition. In turn, multiple socio-economic benefits will be possible for people (imagine a Digital Single Market in Europe) and new business opportunities not only for LEs, but also for SMEs and any entrepreneurships’ initiatives.
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